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Monday, May 25, 2015

All About Baby Expo

First off--I just need to point out that this is our 100th post!! WHOO!
That is quite an accomplishment considering that we kinda get to a point where we stop posting all together. 

In other news...

This post will be a little short because we have a pretty exciting event coming up at the end of this week: the All About Baby Expo in Cedar Hills Utah. This will be our first year participating in this Expo and we are so excited!

As you can expect, we will be taking some baby oriented items, like our hooded towels, bibs, and car seat covers. 

We will also have our costumes there! So be sure to stop on by!

Thanks for reading!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Super Heroes and BIG News!

I know that we have mentioned that our goal is to be a vendor at the Salt Lake Comic Con, and if you have been keeping tabs on our events tab, you might have already gotten a peek at the events that we are planning on going to this year. But in case you haven't been keeping up on that, I have some HUGE news!!! We have officially committed to go!! 

This means that we will be super busy designing new costumes and, of course, building up a huge stockpile of our costumes! We are SO excited to go, and we hope that this will be an amazing show for us!

To celebrate our being accepted as vendors we have put together some super hero themed costumes!

Wonder Girl

America Girl

Bat Girl

Harlequin Jester

Iron Girl

These super (pun intended) cute dresses will be at Salt Lake Comic Con and are available on our website!

Are there any other super hero costumes that you think we should make? 
What else would you like us to bring to Comic Con??

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.

Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Brave Sir Robin

So I am sure that you know how much we like Monty Python... I mean we already have two knight tunics inspired by Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Well now we have another! 
Brave Sir Robin!

My mom has been trying to find some checker board fabric for this tunic ever since she made the Arthur and Black Knight inspired tunics. She has failed dramatically. But did she let that stop her? No! She made the tunic anyway!

This is a Green and White Knight Surcoat features an embroidery of Sir Robin's chicken crest. It is made with green and white trigger fabric This was cut a mens size XL. It is 45" long and has a 54" chest. 
This surcoat is new and unworn. All the seams and edges are serged to prevent fraying.
*TUNIC ONLY! Does not come with chain mail or other accessories*
You can buy this tunic HERE.
If you would like the checker board pattern, to be more true to the movie, you can always paint the checkerboard onto the tunic. For sake of time and to keep costs low, we will not be doing that for you. 

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions! 
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How to Make a Princess Cone Hat

One of our most popular items at craft shows is our Princess Cone Hat. Every princess needs a cone hat, no matter the age, so we thought we would share with you how to do it. 
But remember, we can make one for you ;) you can buy them HERE.

What you will need:

Scrap of Fabric
Trim or Braid
Elastic Thread or 1" Thick Head Band
Poster Board and Pen
Low Temp Glue Gun
Extra Glue Sticks
Sewing Machine

Step 1. We normally start by cutting out frame of the hat out of the poster board. We trace some templates onto the poster board. Depending on what size of cone hat we are making, we can usually fit 4 to 5 cone hats onto one poster board. 

The only template that would fit onto a 11x8 sheet of paper is the baby sized (6") cone hat.

When you print this, make sure that you have it fit to the whole page!

If you would like a bigger cone hat it is simple. Trace out the flat top and the sides of the hat, then extend the sides depending on how big you would like the hat to be. I have the measurements for the sizing that we use below:

Newborn: 6 inches
Toddler: 9 inches
Child: 11 inches
Adult: 12 inches

Make sure that the bottom is rounded.

Step 2: Once the frame for the hat is cut out, you will cut out the fabric to go on top of it. We usually save scrap fabric from our other projects just to use for making cone hats. 

Be sure that when you are cutting the fabric, you cut it about an inch bigger than the base for the hat, also be sure to cut the fabric out to a point. Do not cut off the top of the fabric as you do with the structure. 

If the scrap of fabric you are working with is wrinkled, be sure to iron the fabric at this point as it will become a bit difficult after the following steps. 

Step 3: With the right side of the fabric facing in, sew together the straight sides of the cone starting from the wider end. Stop sewing about a half an inch to the tip of the cone so it is open. 


After I sew the sides together, I like to serge the bottom (wide end) of the fabric to prevent fraying later.  If you don't have a serger, you don't need to worry about doing this as this edge will be glued inside of the hat and will not be seen.

Step 4: Carefully bend the fram into a cone shape with the glossy side of the poster board pointing out. I say to be careful, because you will want to avoid making sharp creases in the poster board. As you can see from the picture below (on the right) it is nearly impossible to avoid making any creases, but small creases will not be noticeable on the final product. 

BTW: 5 points will be rewarded to the student who can guess what show I am watching in the background of these pictures. 

Using your Low Temperature Glue Gun, glue the sides together. I find that holding the cone in my left hand, as pictured above (left), is the easiest way glue the sides together. 

Step 5: Turn the fabric cone right side out and fit if over the cone structure that you just made. I like to make sure that the seam from the fabric lines up with the seam made on the hat. 

Tack down the bottom of the fabric onto the inside of the bottom of the cone using your glue gun. You might get glue on your fingers at this point, hence the reason for the low temperature glue gun. Be sure that you pull the fabric tight as you go so the fabric will be smooth over the base structure.

You will notice that at the top of the hat you will have an ugly point of fabric that sticks up. To make the cone hat nice and pretty, tuck that end into the hole that was left at the top of the cone hat frame. This space is where you will put the tulle veil on Step 8.

Step 6: If you would like to have elastic to hold the hat onto the princess's head, you will attach it now. On our Baby Cone Hats we sometimes put the cone hat onto a head band. If you would like to put the hat onto a headband or leave it without elastic, skip this step. 

We like to use "Elastic Thread" when making these hats. It is rather thin, so if you would like an elastic that is more substantial, you can. 

We cut off a good length. I can't tell you an exact, because we just cut off what we feel would work. Tie knots on both ends of the length of elastic. Then, using a stapler, you will staple the elastic to the hat about a half inch from the edge. 

The staple allows for the elastic to be pulled tighter onto the head of your princess.

Step 7: Using your glue gun, glue your trim about the bottom of the cone a half an inch up. We do not cut off a length of trim to do this. We keep it attached to the roll so we can be sure to only cut the amount that we need. The trim will not only make your hat look pretty and give it a nice finished look, but it will also hide the staples you used to attach the elastic. 

Once you have glued the trim all the way around the hat, cut the trim with a little over lap. I tend to make a glob of glue right where the trim ends. The glue should prevent the braid from fraying. 

Step 8: Cut off tulle double the length that you would like the veil on the hat to be. We like to use rolls of tulle, but you can also use tulle off of a bolt. Simply cut a length that is about 6 inches wide and double the length that you would like the veil to be. 
Fold the length of tulle in half and twist the folded end. 

Put some glue into hole on the top of the hat that you created at the end of Step 5, then put the twisted end of the tulle into that hole. You may need to use something to help push the tulle into the space. We normally use some sewing tweezers or the flat end of a pen.

Let the glue cool and you have yourself a Princess Cone Hat! 

Unless you opted for the baby cone hat on a head band... then you have one more step.

Step 9: We suggest using a 1 inch head band for this, as they seem to provide the most stability for the hat. Figure out where you would like to glue the hat onto the head band.We tend to have the cone hat tipped to the side. Glue the corners of the hat to the top of the head band. This may require a lot of glue, which means that you will need to keep pressure on this spot or the hat may move, leaving glue streaks on the head band, or the hat may fall off completely before the glue cools. 

Once the glue has cooled, you have yourself a spunky little cone hat!

If you are completely overwhelmed, 
remember that you can always buy a cone hat from us HERE.
Just specify what color you would like and what size and we would love to make it for you!

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments!

Thanks for reading!!