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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A couple of new Knight Costumes

I know that we mostly focus on children's costumes, but lately we have been making a lot of knight tunics. I just wanted to share with everyone some of the newer tunics that we haven't added to our blog yet. 

The first tunic is inspired by history and the video game Assassin's Creed.

William of Montferrat:

Another tunic that we have recently made is one with the Jerusalem cross on it, which is also historical. We drew our inspiration for this tunic from the Orlando Bloom movie Kingdom of Heaven. 

I just loved the way the shield turned out on this one!

The tunics are cut a men's size XL. It is 45" long and has a 54" chest.
They can be made longer or shorter. 

They are made with a very heavy duty bottom weight fabric called Trigger. All the seams and edges are serged to prevent fraying. The William of Montferrat tunic features two rampart lion embroideries, while the cross of Jerusalem tunic has an appliqued shield as well as the embroideries. 
Both of these tunics are available on our website
 What do you guys think? Is there anything we can do to improve them? We are open for suggestions. 

As always, feel free to leave and comments, suggestions, or questions below.
Thanks for reading!!