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Friday, February 20, 2015

FTF: The Yellow Knight

Once upon a time in the Enchanted Kingdom there lived a valiant knight with a yellow crest. He spent his days roaming the land in search of danger—especially for damsels who were in danger. His dream was to rescue a maiden who would later become his wife. One day, while wondering through a vast prairie he heard a loud scream. Not skipping a beat, the knight rushed in the direction of the sound. Soon he found the source of the yell. A young maiden was running from a ferocious beast. Bravely, he lunged after the beast and vanquished it. The maiden was so impressed with his feats of strength that she declared him her hero. They wed the following year. 

His Favorites:

Article of Clothing:
Color: Yellow
Pet: Hunting Dog
Activity: Adventuring

Outfit Description:

The tunic of this cute costume is hand made with black fabric. The daggings are made with gold felt. It is trimmed with gimp braid and has a fabulous machine embroidered crest on the chest. The "chain mail" sleeves are attached and made with silver/black knit fabric. The matching "chain mail" hood is made with the same silver/black fabric and closes with velcro under the chin.

This costume is new and unworn. Just like the pictures. All the seams and edges are serged.

*The sword and shield are not included.

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