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Sunday, February 1, 2015

FTF: The Beginning

It is officially Fairy Tale February! Let the story telling commence!
And what better place to start, than the beginning...

Long Ago, before Stories, before Ages, and before Time, there was a wild land that only the fiercest of beasts would roam.  Slowly, as the lands all around became full, brave men and women, elves and fairies, and princes and princesses, began to blur the boundaries between this wild land and the civilized places that they call home. Before long, the land became beautiful, and much desired above all other places to live. That desire for the land, however, began to lead to wars and battles. Until one day, the Fairy God Mother and her helping hand, the Green Fairy, stepped in. They showed the people and the creatures that the best way to live in the land was to share it. From that point on, everyone put aside their differences to live in peace. This is how the Enchanted Kingdom was born. 

Enchanted Kingdom Creations is a mother and daughter team based out of Utah.

The business got its start in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s as founder, Ellen, started hand making costumes for her three sons and one daughter in an attempt to save money on low quality/high priced costumes that were, and still are, mass-produced for retail sale.

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Thanks for reading!