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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fairy Tale February: We're ready. Are you?

Sunday begins our Fairy Tale February event! 

As mentioned in our last post, we will not be giving away cone hats this year, but we will be telling some fairy tales. We have been doing our research (no really, lots of 'hard' reading) and have some great stories to tell you about some of the people and creatures who live in the Enchanted Kingdom. I'm excited to share them!

I secretly really enjoyed it...
Not only will we be telling the stories of some of the EK residents, but we will also be having some great deals for their outfits on our website
(Which, I should point out, already has lower prices than our Etsy and Ebay pages...)
Shh... Don't tell-it's a secret!

To get ready, why don't you read some of the stories we shared last year?

Thanks for reading!