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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekend in Review

I have mentioned that we planned on going to Fillmore's Old Capitol Arts and Living History Festival. We did! It was so fun and we did so well!

 While I was there it was kinda funny. I met a lady who was interested in our superhero capes. She told me that she was at Comic Con the previous day, and that while she was there she looked all over for some capes for her kids, but couldn't find any!

Well, it just so happened that I sent my daughter up to Comic Con to scope it out! She and her husband even cosplayed in some of our costumes!

He was dress in our Aragorn inspired tunic (blog to come) and she sported a Renaissance ballgown and an Aes Sedai, Wheel of Time, inspired shawl (again, blog to come.) 
They even got to meet Brandon Sanderson (the co-author of WoT) and he signed a book for them!

(Isn't that wig just horrible!--I told her not to wear it.)

Fun Fact: Her name is even in the book he signed for her!

Anyway, from her experience at Comic-con and mine in Fillmore, we decided that we are going to try to get a booth at next year's Salt Lake Comic Con for sure. 
We will keep you updated as we figure that out--I mean we do have a whole year. 
But it will be a busy one!
 Also keep an eye out for our upcoming blog about our next event!

Thanks for reading!