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Monday, June 30, 2014

Lavender Days

If you can't tell from the shadows, it was way too early!
Our trip to Lavender Days at the Young Living Farms in Mona, UT was a huge success! We were right in the middle of all of the cool events, which was a prime spot because everyone had to walk by us at some point! We sold tons of cone hats, some hooded towels, lots of Fairy wings, all of our tutus, and a few cowboy chaps, not to mention a couple of fairy dresses, some of our princesses, and some knight tunics to boot!

Happy Customer/Handsome Knight
There were a lot of happy customers by the end of the day. We also had a lot of fun participating in the events like jousting, cowboy shoot outs, horse rides, and so much more. Plus I got to see some of my grand kids!

My little helper and her extraordinary style.
We also got to meet some new friends! One of these friends was from Damsel in this Dress. Their work is Amazing! I highly suggest you check them out. They do adult costumes--kinda steam punk type stuff and it is beautiful! (see below)

Photo borrowed from facebook