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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fairy Tale February: Snow White

Once upon a time in the Enchanted Kingdom lived a young girl named Snow White. She was beautiful beyond all others and was in danger for that very reason--because an Evil Queen, who wanted to be the fairest in the land, sent out a warrant for her death. Snow White went into hiding with her friends the 7 dwarfs, but even that wasn't enough to save her, for one day an old lady came to the door to present her an apple. This apple was poisoned and after she bit it she fell into a death-like sleep, but a handsome prince revived her with true loves kiss and they defeated the Evil Queen together and lived happily ever after.

Her Favorites:
Article of Clothing: Headbands
Color: Yellow
Pet: Baby Deer
Activity: Baking Apple Pie

This cute little gown is made with beautiful satin in 5 different colors. The dark blue bodice has a white insert and is trimmed with cute red jacquard ribbon. (Please note: ribbons vary) The light blue sleeves are trimmed with the same ribbon and have red satin cuffs. The bright gold skirt has an overlay made with gold sparkle organza (shown in picture with tulle, see website listing for more accurate picture.) All the seams and edges are serged to prevent fraying. And it closes with velcro in the back.

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