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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fairy Tale February: Pink Fairy Princess

Once upon a time in the Enchanted Kingdom, there was a Frolic of Fairies that lived in a hollow tree. Over one hundred fairies lived here, and each of them had their very own job to do. The most important job was held by the Pink Fairy who was their princess. Her duty was to keep the hollow tree safe. One day an ogre wandered into the forest and was knocking down trees. The Pink Fairy saw that he was making his way toward the hollow tree, so with a burst of courage she flew out to meet him. She tickled his side with her little fingers and made him laugh so hard that he was rolling on the ground. The ogre begged her to stop tickling him and promised that he would never return. All the other fairies rejoiced--The Pink Fairy Princess saved the day once again !

Her favorites:
Article of Clothing: Fluffy skirts
Color: Pink
Pet: Fire Flies
Activity: Dancing

This beautiful costume is made with bright pink glitter satin. The overlay and sleeves are made with pink organza. The bodice insert is made with satin jacquard. It has pink faux lacing and is trimmed with delicate lace. All the seams and edges are serged to prevent fraying. And it closes with velcro in the back.

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