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Friday, February 21, 2014

Fairy Tale February: The Knight

FairyTale February is coming to a close, so we need to give a shout out to the princes out there. I know it sometimes seems that the movies put too much emphasis on the fact that the prince seems to always save the princess, but, let's face it, these are some pretty awesome guys. So today's spotlight goes out to the Red Knight!

Once upon a time, in The Enchanted Kingdom, there was a brave young knight. He was sworn to protect the kingdom and all the people who lived there. One day while he was riding his horse, he saw a trail of smoke in the distance. He went to investigate and found a castle that was being attacked by a massive red beast. The knight knew there was no time to lose, he pulled out his sword and he slew the monster. To award his honor, the king of the castle bestowed the knight with armor that showed the very creature that he saved the kingdom from. He also earned a valiant place in history as word of his achievement spread over the land.

Article of Clothing: His Armor
Color: Black and Red
Pet: His Horse
Activity: Hunting and  Slaying Dragons 

The tunic of this costume is hand made with black fabric. The daggings are made with red felt. It is trimmed with gimp braid and has a  machine embroidered crest on the chest. The "chain mail" sleeves are attached and made with silver knit fabric. The matching "chain mail" hood is made with the same silver fabric and closes with velcro under the chin.This costume is new and unworn. Just like the pictures. All the seams and edges are serged.
The sword and shield are not included.

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