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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fairy Tale February: Cinderella!

For the month of February we are celebrating princesses! As part of that celebration we are going to be spot lighting our princesses. Today's spotlight is Cinderella!

Once upon a time, in The Enchanted Kingdom, there was a young girl. She spent most of her days doing chores for her step-mother and cleaning up after her two obnoxious step-sisters. One day news came that the prince was having a ball. Of course her step mother said she would only be allowed to go if she completed all of her chores. She rushed to finished, then the young girl searched for the perfect dress. She went first to her fairy god mother, who made the most desirable gowns. In no time, as if by magic, they put together a dress of blue that was more beautiful than any dress that had been made before. The young girl went to the ball, while there she met the prince and danced with him until midnight, when she had to go home. She was the talk of the kingdom because of her stunning dress--but most people remembered her for her shoes.

Her favorites:
Article of Clothing: Shoes
Color: Blue
Pet: Mice
Activity: Singing

I make the dress with light blue bridal quality satin, the sleeves and peplum are made with sparkle sheer organza.All the seams and edges are serged and it closes with velcro in the back. It's perfect for Disney Cruises, tea parties, dressing up, and is the perfect birthday gift for every little princess.

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