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Friday, January 31, 2014

A Brief History of the Cone Hat

Since my free cone hat promotion is starting tomorrow I though I would share a little about where they came from!

Originally called Hennin, or conical hennin, cone hats first originated in the middle ages (About 1430). They are thought to have originated in France and spread across Europe from there. They averaged about 12-18 inches in height, but could be as much as 36 inches tall and were worn at an angle tilted backwards.. The top of the hat was usually pointed, but some were flat, or truncated. Hennin normally had veils, or cointoise, that came out of the top of the hat and ranged in length, sometimes ending at the shoulders or sometimes being so long as to touch the floor. Sometimes the veil was pulled over the hat as a way to conceal the face. Cone hats were made of card or wire, to be light, with material stretched over it, but varied in construction and design depending on the country.

Now we only wear these hats for costumes. :)

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