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Monday, September 23, 2013

DIY Spider Web Picture Frame Wreath

With Halloween fast approaching, all of my neighbors are putting out their cute Halloween wreaths. I, of course, got jealous. As a newlywed college student I can't really afford to go out and buy one. I was pondering what to do to show my Halloween spirit, as it is one of my favorite holidays, and I got a brilliant idea! I used to make these really cute message boards out of picture frames and chicken wire...

But, sadly, when I went to sell them at a craft show I found that everyone else was making them too. *Sigh* So even though I still have the stuff to make more, I stopped making them. 

So back to my story. "What if," I thought, "I used the same idea to make a Halloween wreath!" This is what I did...

To get started you need the basic necessities: 

an old picture frame, chicken wire, black and red spray paint (I think that orange would have looked better than red, but I didn't have any in my stockpile.), black ribbon, a stapler/staple gun, wire cutters, and a glue gun.

1. Use the wire cutters to cut the chicken wire down to about the same size as the frame.

2. Paint, paint, paint!

I liked the idea of having the chicken wire be black, so I painted that too. And like I said, orange (or even lime green) or at least bright red paint would have looked a lot better on the frame, but what can ya do when you're on a budget.

3. Once the paint has dried, use the stapler to staple the chicken wire to the frame. This can be a bit tricky. What I do is lay the chicken wire on top of the frame. I then take the stapler, with it's nice square shape, and I use it to bend the wire down into place.

Like so:

By bending the wire this way, the wire is sure to have some tension and not not be loose.  I staple each section of wire so that I know that it will be nice and secure. (The wire being tight and secure is probably something to worry about with message boards rather than outside decor but that's the way I did it.)

3. Once the wire is stapled to the frame I like to cut it down. 

I was always worried that if I left it too long it would end up scratching paint off of walls or, in this case, my door. Because of this fear I cut the wire down then go on to step 4. 

4. Bend the excess wire to lie flat on the lip of the frame. 

Your paint, whether on your wall or on your door, is now safe. 
Now for the fun part!

5. Take your ribbon, I used some that is thin and black, and weave in through the chicken wire in a spiral. Like a spider web! ;) I left the ends loose so I could play around with it a little.

Cute right!?

6. When you make a pattern that you like, take your glue gun and tack the ends down.

7. From here I added some ribbon to hang it with but you can do what you want. 

I was going to call it done at this point, but I decided that it was missing something... Spiders! So the next day I went to the store and got some. (I think I did pretty well. Up to this point I already had everything I needed for this project!)

I found some for pretty cheap at Smith's and they had red eyes, so it was perfect! 
Here is the finished product!


For the spiders I just hot glued them into place. I think it turned out pretty awesome!

PS. When I went to hang it I got to thinking that my ribbon might not hold very well, so I took some Command Strips (The Velcro-y ones) and added them onto the back. It was a win win because I hate the sound my door hangs banging against the door and I also know that it is less likely to fall and break! 

Thanks for reading! 
Please be sure leave some feedback on what you think or if you have questions!