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Thursday, August 15, 2013

DIY Cake Mix Gift

Hey, it's Leisha again. I noticed that it has been a while since we have posted anything and I am procrastinating cleaning my apartment, so I thought I would try another "how to" post.

Here is a cheap and very easy diy gift for the inexperienced crafter!

I am in charge of giving gifts to the women at my church on their birthdays. It took me a while at first to come up with something to give them, but I saw a cheap cake mix at the local Smith’s Marketplace and it came to me!

So here is what you need:
A poem (and paper to print it on), curling ribbon, tape, and boxed cake mix.
I used Kroger cake mix, which was only a dollar when I bought it, and it is easy to find because Kroger products can be bought in stores all over the country. (Kroger, Smith's, Fry's, Ralf's, Dillon's, King's Sooper, ect.) 

First thing's first, find a good poem or sonnet. Any poem will do, for me I decided to come up with one on my own. It is a little cheesy and very poorly written.

Here is the one I used, feel free to use and adapt it to your hearts content. But like I said, it is pretty bad...

In honor of your very special day
We give you first a simple birthday cake.
But do not let this great chance pass away,
For next we’ll see if your husband can bake!

Baking is something that is hard to do,
Give him no help and certainly you’ll find
That ev’n though hard, for you he will pull through
‘Cause he’ll be scared you will leave him behind!

Thirdly for you we give this poor sonnet,
From Shakespeare we got our inspiration
Frankly we should have spent more time on it
It’s our small token of celebration.

Surely these gifts are the least we can do
--Relief Society L.M.S one-two
(Logan Married Student 12th Ward)

Yeah, I’m a nerd who thinks it’s fun to write bad sonnets… What can ya do?

Once you have your poem printed out, cut it down to roughly the size of the cake mix box.
Use the tape to fasten it onto the box.

Get a length of ribbon any length will do. I used about 2 feetish I guesstimate.

Find the middle of your ribbon and put it on the lower corner of the box.
 Flatten it out around the corners, across the back of the box, and all the way around until you get to the front where you tighten the ribbon and either tie a bow or a knot depending on preference.

After this I like to take a couple small pieces of tape and use them to tack down the ribbon on the back of the box just to keep it from sliding around.

(Sorry for the bad picture quality)

There you have it, a very simple and cheap gift! 
I hope it was some help and that the project wasn't too simple.