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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to: Make a Chainmail Hood Out of Pop Can Tabs

Hey everyone! This is Leisha, Ellen's daughter. As you could probably guess, my mother has instilled in me a great love for Halloween and costume making. Naturally I always try to make my next costumes better than the last one. This year I wanted to make a knight costume for my husband and embroider his family crest on it. (So I can be his damsel in distress) That is pretty cool but it is missing something. Chainmail.

It needed to be something I could make at low cost. (Since I am a starving college student.) So I got to looking and found a blog on how to make Chainmail from pop can tabs. The blog gave me the perfect way to make a chain mail shirt, but I also wanted a hood to go with it. I looked around some more for instructions on how to make one to no avail. I found a picture of one someone had made, but there were no instructions on how it was done. Being that there were no instructions I decided that if I figured it out I would post one.
 So... *drumroll* 
Welcome to Enchanted Kingdom Creation's first "How to"

I messed around with it a bit and after a couple of failed attempts this is what I came up with:

 I will admit that it didn't turn out perfect... but I will show you what I did so if you have a similar project you can at least have a starting point.

I started with a strip of chainmail, that alternated between two and three tabs. 

Notice that in this picture the tabs are bottom up. I built it upside down so I could glue it with hot glue as I went. This would prevent the links from falling apart. 

After I made the chain I fitted it to my husbands head to make sure that the hood would actually fit.

I had him put a hat on to help hold the mail into place and to make sure that the hood would be a little more loose on him so he will be able to take it on and off easily. 

Next I built up the sides of the hood while my husband still had the hat on.

I built it on his head the right side out. this way I could see how it looked and not have to worry about prying glue off a segment if I wanted to change something. 

(Sorry for the horrible picture, I used my phone)
This insures that the dome/top of the hood will fit him the way I want. 
I used a key ring on the top. This will make it easier later when I close in the rest of the space. 

Filling in the rest of the space is where it got a little tricky. 
I had to wing it and just put the links on in a way that just looked good because at this point there needed to be some links missing to make the hood fit the way it needed to.
(This is where I got frustrated and lost patience. So it didn't turn out as good as I wanted it to.)

Please ignore the socks!

Once I was satisfied with the way it looked, I flipped the mail over on the hat and hot glued the links so that it wouldn't fall apart. After it was all glued together I added the sides of the hood. 
(I actually took the pieces from one of my failed attempts)

I from here it is pretty self-explanatory.  Make it as long as you want. Just make it v open in the back so it will be easier to put it on. 

Now you have yourself a chainmail hood!

Let me know what you think of our first "How to" on our blog and if you have any questions please ask. I will be more than happy to answer them!

Note: We normally use this blog to promote costumes that we are selling, but this project was difficult enough that we will be unable to produce it fast enough to sell them.