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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Jan 25 - Feb 1

Beautiful Boutique Girls Cinderella Ballgown Costume

Once upon a time in The Enchanted Kingdom, there was a young girl. She spent most of her days doing chores for her step mother and cleaning up after her two obnoxious step sisters.

One day, news came that the prince was having a ball. Of course her step mother said she would only be allowed to go if she finished all of her chores. But the young girl started to look for the perfect dress anyway. She went first to her god mother who made the most desirable gowns. In the blink of an eye, almost by magic, they put together a dress that was more beautiful than any dress that had ever been made before.

The young girl went to the ball. She met the handsome prince, and danced with him until midnight when she had to go home.

She was the talk of the kingdom because of her stunning dress--but most people remembered her for her shoes.
Beautiful Boutique Girls Cinderella Ballgown Costume

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Available in sizes 2 thru 8. Just email the size you need with your order.

Once upon a time...

I love sewing, so when my daughter was young I would make her clothes and Halloween costumes to avoid the cheap ones you find in the stores. I thought it was so fun, that I decided to design and sell the costumes so others could share in these beautiful creations. That is when Enchanted Kingdom was born.

Enchanted Kingdom is a small in-home business that I run out of my basement to make a little money on the side. Since all of my costumes are hand made by me, you can be sure that they are of good quality unlike store bought costumes which are mass produced.

I make mostly little girl costumes, but I also dabble in making women size Renaissance and colonial gowns, and men's knight tunics.

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